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Serving the White Mountains and Beyond


The vision of JTGDesign, is to offer a better solution for those in our White Mountain community.  We aim to grow our business year after year, build trust with our clients, and give them a choice of who can tackle their project for the best cost.


JTGDesign promises to provide you with the utmost quality of Graphic Design, Logo Design, Photo Editing, as well as other services that we have available.  Our customer service combined with a rigorous marketing initiative will take your business to the next level.  From our initial consultation, through the proof design and final phases, we realize that every project should reflect our customer’s specific needs. JTGDesign pledges to recognize and honor those requests, and to bring satisfaction with each and every finished project.  If you choose JTGDesign, you will receive a high level of personal attention and dedication to detail.



For anyone who has a need for Graphic Design, Web Design, Photo Editing, or any of our other services offered, JTGDesign is the company that will deliver and impress.

●      We provide superior customer service
●      We are honest and trustworthy with your information
●      We encourage innovation and creativity
●      We want you to be part of your project
●      We help you to put that vision to reality



"JTGDesign" is a Graphic Design company that started from an idea we had, to be able to do something that we loved.  Based out of Lakeside, Arizona, we've been generating different graphic design projects over the years for churches, local businesses and online.  We decided to try and grow in what we were doing and how it was being offered to clients.  We've always been intrigued by graphic design, photography & computers, and thought it would be a great idea to generate a business from this "hobby".  Starting out small with only personal ideas & projects, we are now able to offer our services to many, including you!!


We have about eight (8) steady years of business experience, as well as decades of graphic design, photo editing and computer expertise.  We have been using our skills for all types of products and needs.  All of this combined, has brought us to the point we’re at today.  Our main goal is to provide a hard copy of any ideas that people have in your head - being able to create the visions that you usually only think about, but have not yet been able to put on paper!!















Thank you so much for visiting my site!! If you have any questions or would like to get a quote, please go to the "CONTACT US" page tab above.

I'm Jamie, the Owner

I have loved graphic design and photo editing for many years.  Putting together marketing media for past employers, and being a social media manager for the local CERT team, I have been able to use my skills to help many.  I've been married to my husband David for 19 years, and together for over 25.  I'm a Mom of a 19 year old boy, who loves computers and is trying to find his way in life.  Being an empty-nester, has been a bit different, trying to adjust to that.  I loves the outdoors, enjoying the trails in my Jeep with family, and giving thanks to God for all that He has provided.

I'm David, the Consultant & Right Hand

David is the one that helps keep everything on track.  Giving advice, ideas, helping to finalize projects, & just doing whatever is needed in the office.  He is able to assist with the projects, when he has time.  Being a full-time Senior Master Technician, and Shop Manager for Show Low Ford, takes a lot of his time.  He loves the outdoors, drawing, music and enjoying his pet fish.

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